Our medias are segmented by content based on demographic interests, giving a precise targeting solution and results.


Male 16-28


Moms & Parents 30-45


Female 13-25

Targetted Audience

Our videos and media channels are made to relate with specific target markets to ensure an effective mean of communication.

Data & Insight Driven

We create contents based on data and insights. Topics that are trending, will be trending and often searched is the base of how we make our contents.

Effective, Efficient & Optimized

Fast production and delivery, we optimize our videos to receive maximum exposure and longevity.

Latest News

Creating Perfect Eyebrows with Lakmé Absolute Reinvent x Anggie Rassly

Unilever’s Lakmé Absolute Reinvent x Anggie Rassly made a debut on HiLadiesTv’s Beautify with Shabrina talking about creating the perfect eyebrows that matches the shape of your face. Lakmé recently launched their Lakmé Absolute Reinvent x Anggie Rassly which featured […]

Going Bananas with JD.ID & HiLo Chocolate Banana

JD.id is well known as a top notch gadget online shopping destination, but its not all about gadgets at JD.id, and they want people to know that too. Working together with HiLo Milk, they launched a campaign for HiLo’s new […]

Strategies on Winning The 2018 National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas)

KRAVTD Media's Founder; Chandra Marsono, spoke at GetCraft's Indonesia Content Marketing Meetup last Thursday about Creating Winning Strategies Towards the 2018 National Online Shopping Day, or Harblonas.

YouTube Silver Button for HeyBro.tv

eyBro.tv achieved its 100.000 subscribers on February, and its still growing fast to this day. Thank you to all the fans of HeyBro.tv that has grown, shared and stood by us. However we here at KRAVTD Media received a surprise package from YouTube today. Behold, the infamous YouTube Silver Play Button in all its glory.

Our First Sitcom: The Barista

Di bintangi oleh Dias Danar (presenter GenFm, producer, MC), Shabrina Ayu (presenter, Abnon Jakarta 2017), Luis Jocom (actor, model), Asep Suaji (komika), Corinna Aldora (MC, presenter), & Pocut Kamaral (actress, model), Barista mengikuti cerita tiga orang pegawai coffee shop dan kejadian-kejadian yang kerap terjadi di coffee shop mereka.

Our Team

Combined, KRAVTD Media has over 20 years experience in advertising, media, service and production. We have our client's best interest in mind.

Chandra Marsono

Founder & Creative Director

Andhika N

Head Storyteller

Kimi Meidisti

Account Director

About Us

We are very confident on us!

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We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality. We engage all levels of an organization from day one.

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Amy Adams

We’ve worked with the majority of the Global 500, thousands of major regional and local organizations

Amy Adams

We’ve worked with the majority of the Global 500, thousands of major regional and local organizations

Amy Adams

We’ve worked with the majority of the Global 500, thousands of major regional and local organizations

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